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Buying FM?

Finding the right supply partners takes experience, skill, and co-operation. These relationships are long term and have a significant impact on your organization, as well as being expensive to procure. So understanding cultural fit, creating aligned objectives, crafting a sound commercial basis – one which combines robustness and transparency with flexibility – are all essential features of a successful contract platform.

Our clients benefit from:

  • reducing the time taken to procure services
  • reducing the costs of procurement
  • creating more effective and long-lasting supplier relationships
  • monitoring  and measuring contract outcomes

Dave Wilson has procured and structured international deals worth over $100 million. So we know that International procurement of facilities services is highly complex. Often Vendors know more about the market and the pitfalls than the Buyers do – see our Insights and Opinion pages for our thoughts on this. It makes sense to work with our experienced advisers, who are able to provide local insight and obtain local information quickly, while working within a structured framework and a strong project management approach.

We provide:

  • an experienced view on bundling services, geographical package and setting specifications which help to achieve corporate goals
  • clarity of process while retaining alignment with corporate procedures
  • advisors who know, and are trusted by, the vendors for their integrity and understanding
  • access to industry leading specifications and pricing models
  • experienced negotiators to support internal procurement and finance teams through complex of large scale contracts