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Does your FM need an overhaul?

Quality can decline suddenly and catastrophically without obvious cause. So service quality is one of the most challenging aspects of Facilities operations, with a major impact on employee motivation, productivity, and corporate image.

Because Facilities Services are delivered to, and received by, multiple customers with differing needs, perceptions of service quality are inevitably mixed.  But it is our belief that most often the underlying problems are related to a failure to articulate clearly what a service is meant to do, and how it is designed to achieve that.

So our analysis starts at the beginning: what is the Corporate requirement that has to be fulfilled? We then consider how can that be expressed in ways that are meaningful to both the service providers and the recipients of the services, the customers. Only then can any gaps between current service delivery and required standards be assessed; and only then can the client organisation begin to understand what changes may be required.

We guide our clients through these stages, using interviews, objective measurement and documentary reviews. We then work to formulate solutions, either with existing service providers or by re-tendering the services, to deliver measurable improvements within a cost-controlled framework. Our change management experience, along with our proven systems for auditing, measurement and contracting for services, provide the structure within which real service improvements can take place for the benefit of the whole organisation.